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February 17, 2005



Only Gwynn! :) She's so funny. Aww... tell her I love her :) Love ya!

Katy Raymond

I don't know about Annie D, but I can SO picture this happening to Anne T!! And what about Annie Lamott? Her kid would pull the Altoids-for-Annie bit, I'm sure.

Gotta love your little girl! She just gave you a great line of dialogue...


I keep Altoids on my desk so that my students don't get knocked over when they come for help.

Gwynnie is the bomb!


I love it.
Thanks for sharing.

Take Care

lisa samson

Hey, I didn't mention Anne LaMotte for a reason! I could *easily* picture that happening to her.


I love a girl that does what it takes to get what she wants! She cracks me up!


Reminds me of my 11-year-old. When having a tender (for me) discussion of what about her parents might embarrass her, and I'm confessing that my parents' weight problems embarrassed me as a kid, and wondering if my weight issues were hard for her - she says "Mom, the only thing that embarrasses me about you is your bad breath. You have coffee breath."

I don't know - my incentive to loose weight might be increased by her concern, but darn if I'm gonna give up coffee for her...


Sigh. And a little child shall lead them. Do your thing little Gwynnie diva.

Julie Fidler

That's hysterical!
You've got to love the honesty and innocence of little ones.


Gwynnie so ROCKS!
Ask her if she has seen Shark Tale ....and did she like it or not??!?

And by the way "breath" was mispelt up in your blog. :-) (Yeah yeah, always editing!)

Finally, don't change your name to Ann. There is one and only Lisa and we love you for it!


out of the mouths of babes.

what a charmer. :)



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