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October 11, 2006



Haven't gotten to read Straight Up yet although I find it highly unlikely I will feel the need to write a similar email based on past Samson reading experiences. :) But Cary Grant? His movies have bad endings? I LOVE Cary Grant movies.

Carrie K.

I'm trying to remember a Cary Grant movie with an ending I didn't like, and for the life of me, I can't think of one!

Cathy West

I'm glad they didn't share the ending! Hmmm...now I'm really curious! Oh well.
Not their book. If they want a different ending, tell 'em to go write their own darn book!


At the end of the story, the reader in me said, "What they hey?"

The soul in me said, "That's exactly what I needed to hear, even though it makes me uncomfortable."

So, I guess it depends on what's more important--frankly, I think it's your most haunting work so far--and one people need to read.

Katy McKenna

Oh, boy. My copy arrived in the mail yesterday. Want to finish Tree Limbs before I start it, but MAN! It's all I can do not to turn to the last page.....

Jules Quincy Stephens


I haven't read it yet. It's in my Amazon.com shopping cart.

Gina Holmes


I'm reading Straight Up right now. (Well, not as I type but you know what I mean.) It's the first of yours I've read. I've been hearing since I discovered CBA fiction a few years ago that I need to read you. That you're about the best we have literarally (is that a word?) speaking.

So, when a copy showed up in my mailbox for review, I about peed my pants with excitement. I don't do many reviews so I tend to be very choosy.

Let me tell you, I'm underlining like crazy, your metaphors are fantabulous. Oh my, makes me feel like a hack.

The story is great but it could pretty well suck and I'd still love the book, because of your amazing prose.

I'm going around work telling all the nurses they MUST read you.

Of course, haven't gotten to the horrible ending yet :) so, that could change.

Wow, you're good. Thought I'd send you a little edification today.

L.L. Barkat

I guess my question would be "why?" Why did that reader feel this way? I always find the specifics from a reader to be very enlightening... even if I walk away muttering, "Psycho..."

Still, I always wish my readers would say something good before saying something as opinionated as that!

Deb Kinnard

I haven't read STRAIGHT UP yet, but the perverse part of me says, "if this reader didn't like the ending, I'll probably LOVE it, so go out & buy this book..."

I've learned not to slam my perverse evil twin down so much, since she often has a point.

Just finished BEFORE I WAKE by one of my auto-buy authors, Dee Henderson, and I have to say, she didn't write an ending AT ALL. This is so not like her. I don't know what to think. I closed the book feeling cheated, which never happens to me when I read one of hers.

Hopefully STRAIGHT UP will not have me posting similarly, but as I say, I'll probably love it.


I need to force myself to leave the house and go pick up a copy to see how it's changed. But L.L is probably right about the psycho part.


I think that is the funniest thing I heard today. Hands down. LOL Cary Grant. Girl, you have power!

I love it.


I love Cary Grant movies, always have--one of the things that drew me to my husband (getting to share his name--"Cary, like in Cary Grant"). If this person has the unfortunate bad taste to not like Cary's movies, then undoubtdly she (or he?) hasn't the taste to appreciate your books, either. Or, as someone once said within earshot of me so I can repeat here, "Some people's taste is all in their mouth." Wishing you all the best.

Abundant blessings,
Jenny Cary


"How on earth could you end it that way?????"

I admit that this was exactly my feeling after reading The End of Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events. So many loose ends...

Heather Diane Tipton

okay... can we smack this person? Granted I haven't read the book yet (still stalking my mailbox waiting for it) but come on, I've never been disappointed in one of your books.

cary grant

Hey! I just finished reading "The Bible." How could they end it that way????? I mean, THAT is one horrible ending. Even worse than a Pauly Shore movie.

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