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May 21, 2007



Hi Lisa, so glad you are back. Don't the Rockies rock (ok, that was bad). I will definately be praying for you in the coming months. Let me know if you can order the tapes, would love to hear the one on women's fiction. Glad your back! Jeane


Enlisting as one who will be sending God prayers. Sometimes I wish I knew His e-mail address, just in case I didn't hear His voice, ya know? Maybe He has a prayer blog somewhere I haven't found yet...
I pre-ordered your YA novel. Looking forward to posting that review! Glad you were able to go to the conference; glad you're home safely.


i'll be praying for you, lisa.

Pam Halter

While you were in Colorado, I was at a dude ranch in New York with a bunch of 8th graders. Wheeeeee!! Every muscle in my body hurts. It's hard to be 14 again. HA!

I read your Living End and it touched me deeply.

I'll also be praying about your writing. Keep us posted!


Praying about your writing as well.


I'll pray for you too!


I'm telling ya. The next one needs an internet scammer, like the Nigerian scam or something, or at least the victim of a scam, in it. I start thinking about what you could do with that and it makes we want to order the book right now!

Lisa G

I'll be praying.

Elysa Mac

While you were in the mountains probably making a few eyes tear up, I was attending a workshop at our homeschool conference and CRYING because the topic was "raising kids who care". Okay, I also cried when I stopped at the Operation Shoebox booth to talk to the lady about getting more involved with that ministry.

Why is it I cry daily now? Sometimes several times a day. This is not the normal me!

Guess its the Holy Spirit tenderizing my heart.

BTW, I saw your blurb about IR and Shane Claiborne. I usually listen to NPR news shows every morning and every night but I missed that one. I'll have to go to the website and get it.

And yes, I would LOVE to pray for you. Now only because I'm growing to love you as a person, but selfishly, I really enjoy your books!;)

With love and lipsticky kisses,
Elysa Mac


Lisa, I would be happy to pray for you! Just tell me what you need and I'm on it.


I noticed--too late--that you and H. Michael Brewer were both on the faculty. Mike shares your old KY home, living near Villa Hills, where he pastors a church. Mike and I are in the same writers group. I sent him an e-mail to have him say hi, but I suspect he left his computer off.

Anyway, I prayed for you just now that God would provide direction and inspiration.


It'll be a privilege to pray for your next novel Lisa!

Heather Diane Tipton

Man, I'm SO glad Marlene wouldn't let you back out. my conference would have been totally different if you wouldn't have gone. I was so happy we got to spend a little time together!

And of course you know to sign me up to pray for you, right?

I love you!

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