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May 24, 2007



I enjoy a lot of middle-age and YA books myself, so I can't wait!

Elysa Mac

This looks like something that my 2 oldest girls would really enjoy...and that's just from the sharp cover!

But Lisa, could you please give us a quick blurb about its plot? I checked Amazon.com but there's nothing up yet concerning what its about.

Thanks...and I'm sure I'll read it, too! :)

Elysa Mac


Hooray! What a great cover!

Heather Goodman

Sounds like fun. And the girl on the cover looks like she could have been you as a teenager. Or you could have been her. Something like that.


Hey---I preordered and plan to read it myself before I send it on to my girls! Of course, they're old enough to buy their own books (27,24)...Great cover.

Jeanne Damoff

Daughters schmaughters! I'm almost 50, and I loved it. :)

Fun cover. Congrats, Lisa!

Love, Jeanne


That's the best cover ever ever ever!


Thanks, you guys. This project is just a whole lotta fun. And the cover is so great. The model is so cute.

Heather, thanks for the compliment!

Elysa Mac

Has the last paragraph describing the book and Scotty's life ALWAYS been there and somehow my fried mommy brain missed it or has it been added lately!?!?

It scary sometimes to think that God trusts ME to raise children!!!!:(

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