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July 29, 2007


Paul Martin

Similarly, I wrote to think things out. Only after several years did I see that I definitely had a book in the making, and even then, writing itself was an exploratory activity and never a matter of simply putting conclusions I'd already reached into writing.


Dear Lisa,

Recently Chip recommended Tiger Lillie to me. I just got finished reading it the other night, and I must say, it was the first book that brought tears to my eyes in a very long time.

Your character's are rich and distinct. The voice behind Lillie and Tacy are so real, and you captured the essence of who they are in every word.

The style is amazing. Your words, clarity, structure. I just love it. God has definitely blessed you with the talent to glorify/serve Him with your words. I'm honored to have soaked them in.

Just wow!


Heather Tuba

Hi Lisa, I had not read any Christian in years and then I picked up one of your books and haven't been able to stop!! I've read so many of your books, I can't remember which one first caught my attention!
I just wanted to thank you for how you address "hidden" issues, especially mental illness in Songbird and addiction in Straight Up. Beautiful!!
These are subjects close to my heart.
God bless you! Heather

Jane Squires

Good answer to why you write. We readers read too so we know we aren't alone. It inspires us to keep trying. God Bless.


I just finished Tiger Lillie and I must say I was just in awe of Tassy's relationship with the Lord! What a beautiful truth, that we can know Him so intimately.


Lisa you are by far the best author ever . I read a lot and your books are the ones that I really enjoy . All of them have great messages.

Carrie K.

Hi, Lisa - just had to stop by and congratulate you on your Christianity Today Book Award for Fiction! I loved Quaker Summer - my mom just finished reading it and called this morning to tell me it was her favorite of yours, yet. She's a senior pastor of a Free Methodist congregation here in Washington State, and she said she's buying some copies for her church library and asking her congregation to read it. They're in the process of starting a church-supported and sponsored halfway house, and she's been preaching on missional living.

Ariah Fine

Congrats on the book award!

I'd love to learn more about how you started your writing career.

Your amazing!


I just finished the last pages of "Club Sandwich" and enjoyed every single sentence. I am 37 with three (homeschooled) small children and parents in their mid-70's. I'm also the youngest of the four daughters and the one most active with my parents. The book hit home.

It's a little uncanny how well you described my childhood church experiences! It was like my memories were right there in a book! I remember at eight years old (1979) having a huge world map next to my bunkbed and crying myself to sleep because so much of the map was yellow...communist! And Cuba was yellow and so close! Church friends actually bought caves and had army food stockpiled because "the end was near". And I think I actually saw the movie you described on page 3! It's taken me a long time to separate the truth from the lies.

I read Quaker Summer the month we bought a little forclosed home out in the country and started remodeling....moving from the big house with too much stuff. That book jumped above the Francine Rivers, Angela Hunt and Charles Martin books to the place of honor: my favorite book of all time (although Church Ladies is a great one, too).

Tiger Lillie and Straight Up are sitting next to my bed waiting for their turn.

Yes, thank you for writing the things I think...it does help this homeschooling country mom not feel alone.

Just keep doing what you do!



I would love to do an interview with you for the upcoming CFBA tour. Please see my blog at http://berlysue.blogspot.com. You can reach me at:
kimfurd at hotmail dot com if you have time, and I will email you a few questions.

Kim F.

Embrace Me brought me to tears! SOOOO GOOD!!!


I forgot I was moderating the comments. I'm so blessed to hear from you all and sorry I missed the opportunities for interviews and to tell you how much your words mean to me!

God bless you all greatly!

Virginia Garrett

I write so my head doesn't explode. I have a hard time picturing that as attractive. LOL.

I just finished Embrace Me. Oh my word!!! I have emailed my pastor to tell him he HAS TO read this book. I found myself on so many pages on so many different levels. Man! God used you on this one, girlie. Not saying He didn't on your other ones but this one..oh my!

I am a member of CFBA also and I posted a review of sorts up today.


Yes, when we read, we feel that we're not alone, and when you write, you reach out to people who have so many unanswered questions. God bless you for reaching out to us!


Lisa, are you Lori Anne's little sister? Anyway, if you are, I don't know if you remember me or not but I was a friend of Lori's from Harford Christian. Please give her my best and I pray that she and the family are doing well. Take care. Dani Foster Herring


Lisa I loved what you had to say! Its great to hear why you write and I always appreciate what you have to say. I especially loved the article Vicki mentioned in Todays Christian Woman! For those who haven't read it, its wonderful.


"Why do you write" is not an easy question. I've been trying to think of a good answer for years!


I love your writing-so real, raw, fresh and redeeming. I am jazzed that I found there are many of your books I still haven't read. I'm off to buy them on Christian Book.com.



I only recently came upon your books by accident -looking for something good at the library and was drawn in by the title then cover. The Living End was my 1st read and I was hooked. I LOVE your style of writing and way with words. I love how you make me feel like a "normal" Christian (if there is such a thing) - the standards we impose on ourselves sometimes are so high and lofty. In the end, there is nothing we can do to make Jesus love us more or less - He already paid the price once and for all. You are a blessing to your readers and I'm so glad I found you.



Thank you for asking the questions. You are now one of the few writers who are Christians whom I can recommend without reservations.


Blogs are good for every one where we get lots of information for any topics nice job keep it up !!!



This is something I just wrote in my monthly column, "Moments for Mom", just yesterday:

"I found myself writing and writing and writing…wanting desperately to get things down on paper, to tell my stories so others will feel liberated to tell their own…so others will know that they are not alone in this big, crazy world."

Looks like we're on the same page.

Elisabeth Corcoran


That's a great reason to write. So very true. Thanks!


I never read CHristian Fiction. I find it is usually is poorly written and full of superficial answers. Now so we your writing. It is a refreshing change. Thanks


I purchased your Hollywood Nobody books for our High School library a few months ago and they are very popular! Thanks for writing engaging Christian stories that aren't preachy and deal with real life stuff!


I just Finished "The Passion of Mary-Margaret", it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it! You are such a gifted Author and your descriptions are so rich. I loved Quaker Summer as well. I am now your one of your biggest fans! Blessings to you~ Crystal

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