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July 08, 2007


Elysa Mac

WOW!!! What an incredible message in a great video format. I am truly looking forwad to reading this book and seeing what else God has in store for our family.

Oh, and Lisa, you look really cute in it, too! ;)

Love and BIG lipsticky HOLY kisses,
(A very silly but very serious Southern Belle)

Elysa Mac

P.s. I've posted this video at my blog. Aahhhh...the miracle of Youtube! LOL!

Elysa Mac

P.P.S. Have I ever told you how much I like to use "P.S."'s? ;)


Wow. Great stuff. I'm really interested in this book. I sent a link to my pastor and he said, "there is no book I'd be more interested in at this time than that one."


I cannot wait until this book is out ... even if it means breaking my self-imposed book buying ban (too many already to read)! It was fun to see/hear a favorite author "in person," too.


I'm looking forward to reading it!

Is the justiceintheburbs.com web site listed at the end of the video still under construction?


Great video! Now I want the book more than ever and am praying about who I can give extra copies to. Pastors...board members...adult SS teachers...oh my the list goes on! ;)


Love it! Added it to my personal blog too.


Also!!! Any chance there will be a book signing at Joseph Beth??


Justice in the Burbs...Will and Lisa on You Tube...let's get it started! Awesome job!

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