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July 29, 2007



I just started this one, after a brief hiatus from your books. Really, I had to - your writing is so compelling, interesting, and inspiring that I can hardly put your books down. It did come in handy one night with a bout of insomnia. I actually polished off Tiger Lillie in under 24 hours (includes 2-3 hours reading in the wee hours of the a.m.). Yep, I've become a BIG Lisa Samson fan (don't worry - not in some really weird way! LOL!). I've read most of your books since beginning the Spring Reading Thing.

Truly, though, thank you for sharing your gift of writing. It's a blessing! :D

Jeanette Morris

As for me, Straight Up was my introduction to your books, and I'm eager for more. Thanks to Mary DeMuth who had this one on her Truffle Books list. Being a freelance editor, I was especially impressed with your skillful dialog (almost no tags). I feel like I can point my clients to your book and say - do it like Lisa! You don't even need the word "said."

Aside from craft stuff, I loved the characters, and you had my mouth watering for soul food at the most inopportune moments!

I'm looking forward to more good reads about "real" Christians.


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