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October 01, 2004



Sorry, Lisa ... All bets are off on Rt. 95.


so moved... do I hear a second? Lisa, you are such a master wordsmith... knowing that i so often fail to love, truly, in purity, i stand humbled by your perspective... and am motivated to let Christ's love avalanche thru the forest of my selfishness and cover me so that i can support others lovingly, truthfully.... that's not a great picture, but so much of me needs to be buried beneath His love, His grace... i'm so thankful for His promise to do it. thanks for the deep and practical thoughts!

Karen H.

This is wonderful. I love the idea of each of us writing our own Message. Thanks Lisa.


That was absolutely gorgeous!! I wish I had the talent you have, Aunt Cees. You have such a beautiful way with words. I think I'm going to print that out and hang it on my bulliten board at school so I can read it every day. You're so awesome!! I love you


beautiful lisa!

this is my favorite verse, and you have made it even more read - thank you!

'And still we see as though in that fog, stumbling along in pure faith that God is who He says He is, but someday, oh someday the mists will lift and we will see His face. And on that day, He will see ours, for the first time, in our new perfection, not the future promise of such, this blood-stained perfection bought on the cross stabbed into the hill of Calvary. Completion! Redemption full blown!'

on a much less serious note - who are the depends for?? :)


Bobbie, they would have been for my mother had she lived long enough. She had just made it home from months in the hospital and needed them, but I was away for a much needed vacation so a friend came in to care for her. She died two days later. I honestly didn't know how I was going to change her diapers. I was just praying and praying I wouldn't have to. And God took her. I doubt it was in answer to my prayer, more like my mother hated the thought of that much dignity lost. But still, I wasn't really willing to do it and I've always kind of regretted my attitude even if my actions never had to be tried.


Every time you write something like this, of such grace and beauty and power, you confirm my belief that you're one of the finest writers around. You allow us to hear your heart ... and what a caring, noble heart it is.

Thanks for starting my morning in such a special way.


Michele Hastings

I LOVED that Lisa. It was incredible!

Sivin Kit

I love your "love chapter" ... greetings from Malaysia


Ahh... Lisa, this was like honey. It contained everything about your writing that I love. I'm breathing deeper now. Slower. I think this is an awesome exercise. Thank you.



WOW! I needed that....thanks for sharing!!



Thanks you all! This really helped me a lot to do this exercise. I'm thinking about doing David's "create in me a clean heart" psalm next. Man, do I need that!



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