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October 22, 2005


Ragamuffin Diva (Claudia)

Yeah! You tell 'em, Lisa! And another thing! They look cuter than I do.

I hate that. I refuse to support them!!!!!

Bonnie Calhoun

Well...this is four blogs in seven days that have caused me to shoot coffee out my nose! Either ya'll are way to funny or I'm drinkin' too much coffee! Bless their l'il hearts!

Julie Fidler

I have a vagina.
It's overrated.


Male chauvinists, this is true. However, they do have fabulous taste in shoes.

M. C. Pearson

Hey there! Just jumped over from Bonnie's blog. If I were drinking coffee it would be dripping out my nose too. Way too funny...way too too funny. Okay, I am a chocoholic but so are my kids (boys) and husband (man) and they don't intend on changing into the female gender...at least, I hope not!!!

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