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January 10, 2006


michael snyder

As I suspected...the glorious 1970's baby! Right on...groovy.


Heh Friend!
I'm in the 50s too - go figure...I was born in '59!

I think the Breakfast Club question was my give-away...or maybe knowing about American Bandstand.

Here's to today,


As usual, I don't fit, and now I don't fit in "time." The survey told me I hadn't grown up enough to know which decade I fit in (and not to rush it). I was born in '69...how old do you have to be to know where you fit? :-)


My personality is living in the 80's. Like totally.


I am soooo 90's!

:) leigh


End up in the 50's but born in '68 - which should mean an 80's kid...but then I know I am old fashioned in some ways...cuz I am a Chrisitan good girl and mom ...LOL

Thanks this was fun... I really like Angie Hunt too :)

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