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October 26, 2006



Oh leese,

This is exactly my prayer today. How did you know? How did Thomas know?


Heather Goodman

I almost wrote how fitting this prayer is for me today, but then I realized how fitting it is everyday as I push and pull, wishing my way, surrendering to God's will, resting in His hands, walking down my path, etc., etc., etc.


It is for me today too.

If this is prayer you've prayed with us in your heart today, would you let us know in the comments?


Definitely a prayer I needed to hear and pray today...

Katy McKenna

This prayer felt like one to say with my prayer beads today. At Panera's. I used a bead for each phrase, and went through the whole prayer several times. The phrases, "I am in your hand," and "turn me about however you will" impressed me even more as I fingered those cold glass beads.

I am willing to be turned.


This prayer is just what I needed, especially in doing final prep for our big retreat next weekend . . .thank you Lisa.

Kim from papa fest

I love Thomas Kempis. And yes,I prayed this prayer. I needed someone else to voice what I can't seem to voice myself. I am tired and pre-menopausal.


This prayer is just what I needed, especially in doing final prep for our big retreat next weekend . . .thank you Lisa.


Am I the only one who thinks that has the potential to be a really scary prayer, when it comes right down to it? I know it's how things are supposed to be, but that ALL word in there! Scary. But it's what God wants and deserves from us. So yes, I'm praying it too.


Connie, I agree, it is a bit scary, and I think Thomas รก Kempis alludes to that in his last line, "would that I could do this worthily and perfectly!"

One scary part--I think we have to thank God for the bad things in life as well as the good, and honestly, I have a long way to go on that stretch of the journey. Praise can truly be a sacrifice in so many circumstances...


Yes Sherri, that is a lesson I have learned quite well over the past 2.5 years. Praise God no matter what. It's very hard to be depressed or overwhelmed with life when you are consciously CHOOSING to thank God for even giving you breath! It's not something that comes natural, at least not at first, it didn't for me. But God blesses that choice.

Jeanne Damoff

Yes, I prayed it with you. It took me a while to make it all the way through, but I did.


Thank you for this prayer. It is my prayer today, too, as I walk ever deeper into more healing from the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sometimes I don't understand why I'm doing it or what good it will do . . . until I read a prayer like this and am reminded that He does all things for a purpose and for His purposes.

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