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January 22, 2007


Jules Quincy Stephens

Very nice review, Lisa. I'm looking forward to reading it.


Sounds great! I'm really looking forward to it.


Beautiful review. Can't wait to read this, Lisa.

Missy K

How exciting! Added to my eagerness to read the book!

Annette Smith

As one blessed to get an early sneak peek at this novel, I'll say this review is absolutely deserved. Quaker Summer is a life-changing book. It disturbed me. It made me squirm. But it left me with hope and resolve. Thank you, Lisa, for having the courage to write this book.


I read the review in PW this morning and was very pleased for you, Lisa!


Katy McKenna

Great review, Lisa! As usual, I can't wait.

And Annette, I've heard so much good about "A Bigger Life" that I have it on order, as well.



Jeanne Damoff

Awesome! Congratulations, Lisa. :)

Brandilyn Collins

Lisa, a hearty, hearty congratulations. Glad PW awarded you with the best.


Rock on! What a lovely gift to get on a gray mid-winter day!!


That sounds like a really good read!


Congratulations, Lisa! I can't wait to read it.



amy a.

What a wonderful review. Congratulations. Can't wait to read it.

Lisa G

Congratulations on a great review! I have been looking forword to reading Quaker Summer regardless of the reviews. Thank you for blessing me with your gift!


Wow! I can hardly wait to read this - it will be a treat I'll savor just after our move. I'll snuggle into my chair in my new house - probably still surrounded by boxes...and allow myself to be challenged and changed. I no longer want it any other way.

Congratulations Lisa...I'm excited for you and for us - your readers!

Heather Goodman

yay! especially the "soul-desiccating acquisitiveness" part. that sounds serious.


I'm thrilled to read that a heroine can be a woman in crisis! There's hope for me yet. Great review. Love the cover art. Looking forward to the read.

Leanna Ellis

Whohoooo! Congrats! Can't wait to read it.

Alison Strobel Morrow

What a fantastic review!! I agree with Annette--I was disturbed (in a good way!) when I read it, and what I learned through it continues to haunt me. You really struck gold with this one, Lisa. I hope it brings you a whole new crop of readers and awards. They would be MUCH deserved.

Claudia Mair


Heather Diane Tipton

YAY! That is so great to hear!!! Can't wait to read it!


Count me in!

Jo Hanson


It says above that you are "one of the most powerful voices in Christian fiction." I agree! I've only read four of your books now, but each one has spoken to me. They touch the deep core of what it means to be human in the imago Dei (and make me tear up), and paint pictures of how to be human and still have a self, a self that does not get lost or stamped out by piety; who is not just a hyped up spiritualized soul, but a whole psychologically involved person who has needs--a person who interacts with a God who shows his love to her/him incarnationally through others. That's what I like about your books: They are all about living incarnationally; being wholly "present" to God, self aware, and learning to love others.

Your characters are not allowed to go on living plastic, bottled up, pretended, disassociated, idealized, spoon-full-of-sugar-or-June-Cleaver-esque-Velveteen-only-the-positive-Psalms-Christianity. Nope, they're models of real-ness. I love that.

To use your own phrase, your books are useful "...like triple antibiotic ointment on a festering sore [broken humanity]."

I guess I just wrote a generalized review, didn't I?! ha.

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