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April 17, 2007



Ooh thanks for this heads up Lisa. This is something I've really been struggling with but couldn't put it into words. I grew up in an EM situation but I think I am, or at least long to be, IM! This clarifies some things for me.



Glad to see that you've come out of your Lenten blog fast!

I appreciate the link to my post at Cerulean Sanctum on the two Christianities. I pray it blesses your readers.

And thanks for the clarification for those folks who read my post and didn't get it. Your superior writing skills trumped my blithering attempts at conveying my thoughts, cutting right to the heart of the matter.



Hi Lisa,

I just picked up Quaker Summer. I am looking forward to reading it as I haven’t read any of your work before.

I went to Dan’s site after hitting your blog. By God’s intervention I would say He is turning me into an IM Christian thru my church’s death this past year. I had no idea how attached I was to institutional systems until what was left of my [old denominational] church was just a handful of people left to trust that God had not also left “the building.” It’s been painful and hard but I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s exciting!

I really like your blog!

Gwen Cicone

Hi Lisa,
Gwen Cicone of Rccs fame here. Finally, visiting your blog which your sister has encouraged me to do whenever I read one of your books and then tell her how much I ove them. I borrowed "Straight Up" from the library a few weeks ago when my kids needed a bookfor school.(When do I do these things for myself?)But I'd have to say it was just what the Dr. ordered and I'm still thinking about it and Just as I did with club sandwich I wept when I got to the end. You know I miss you around here which is why I started reading your books in the first place. Kind of pathetic that it took me so long but I think I was afraid I wouldn't like them and then what would I say in carpool line? But I was so wrong because I love them and I feel like you are talking to me through those characters. Any way "Quaker Summer" sounds great too(Read all eleven reviews on Amazon) Maybe I'll actually buy it instead of waiting to visit the library and hope they have a copy available.(The new ones are usually checked out in Perry Hall)
This article about the EM and IM was certainly thought provoking. I think part of the difficulty with the labelling though is the fact that churches and individuals can flip back and forth especially while this tricky thing called sin still has its nasty stench in our pores. Thank Jesus that we are going to heaven only based on his merits. PRO REGE:)Gwen


Interesting and challenging. Our church has been studying this with a little different take on it...we admit we've been internally focused for far too long and our hearts desires according to testimonies and surveys is to become more eternally focused - meaning community and soul focused. Of course the way we're doing it is through programs which makes my heart hurt and my soul itch. I was impacted by a grandmother who loved God...and her church. Her church was were she filled up and fed fellow believers. Her life was where she shone Jesus into the community she lived in. She didn't have a program. She went where Jesus sent her and never called it ministry - it was just living for Him. I'm an intentional Christian. I love Him and speak Him and share Him. Not part of a program...just as part of who I am in Him. I love my church so much. I just shudder when another program is introduced. I feel so limited within a program and so free when I just do what I know Jesus wants me to. So here's the thing...I'm both an internally focused Christian because part of what I do is church focused. I'm also externally focused because I love to share Him wherever. Nine souls came to Jesus in my church on Easter Sunday. We might not be doing everything right...but that morning Jesus did something amazing in our midst. So while the church as an organization isn't perfect and it's focus is sometimes out of whack...God is still there doing what He's best at...redemption of souls.


Gwen! Glad you're on!! Hey, I'm with you on the whole carpool line thing. Better safe than sorry! It's so nice to hear from you.

Joy, I think the point of the post wasn't focus, but motivation. What motivates us and how does that affect our actions on behalf of the kingdom? It was a very intriguing post. Dan's always good for some thought-provoking observations.

Dan, glad to see you on!

Colleen, blessings on your church journey. I'm sure it's been very rough. Thanks for coming on the blog!

Dianne, I'm so happy the link proved to be something you benefited from. Thanks for commenting!


You're right...I do enjoy Dan's posts and read them from time to time. Sometimes this 1st century way of seeing Christianity is foreign to me...and I don't get it all the first time.

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