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April 09, 2007


Katy McKenna

Well, I'm here! Missed you very extremely much! I've been thinking about JUST what you wrote here concerning anxiety. Thanks for saying it so succinctly. Love you!


hello! welcome back!


Yea!! The Samsons are back in blogworld!

Jeanne Damoff

You learned some great-if-not-dramatic lessons in your solitude, Lisa. Thanks for sharing.

The world may have kept turning without the benefit of your micro-management, but it lacked a bit of its best color. Glad you're back online. :)

Love, Jeanne


so glad to have you back, Leese. Loved the lessons you've had. I'm learning some similar ones.



Thanks so much! I'm so glad to hear from you all!

J. Mark Bertrand

We tried to keep everything pretty much as you left it, Lisa, with the exception of some light dusting here and there. Welcome back to the Internet.


Yeah...Mark left the dusting for you, lis!

Carrie K.

Glad you're posting again! And I hope you had a wonderful Easter. My mom came over for Easter dinner raving about "Straight Up" - she'd just finished it the night before. :)

Alison Strobel Morrow

Lisa, I know what you mean about the anxiety thing. I get so weighted down with a sense of responsibility sometimes--"People need to know this! It's my duty to tell them!"--and I get all knotted if I don't get the response from people that I was hoping I would. Sometimes, like with the Great Commission, it's true that it's my responsibility to tell them--ut it's NOT my responsibility to convert them. Just tell the story. And with other things, it's not even my responsibility--like the nutrition stuff--so I need to just chill out. So hard though!!

My two favorite blogs, yours and Raga's, went dark for Lent, and I'm so glad they're back. Looking forward to your posts. :)

Missy K

Welcome back Lisa! Glad to have your voice in cyberspace again!

Thanks for the Lenten lessons-- always good to think through those eaters of time and producers of anxiety to see if they are necessary.

He is risen!
He is risen indeed!

Claudia Mair

Still here, lovie. Almost didn't make it back post-Easter, but I did! Lord, have mercy! And it's crazy good to be here and have you back. I missed your blog the most.

Heather Goodman

Glad to see "author intrusion" lit up on my blog reader this morning.
I gave up alcohol for lent, and as easter approached and I counted down to a good glass of cab or shiraz, I thought about Christ counting down. "Five more days and I'm done with these dopes."


So glad you're back. I look forward to your gut-honesty that often makes me squirm as I read your posts.(Hmmm---is that a welcome-back message????) Your thoughts about anxiety are ones I needed to read and write on every month of my planner. You could single-handedly decrease the number of scripts written by doctors every month for anxiety meds!


Hi Lisa;
I'm glad your back! I've missed your blogging!


Lisa, welcome back. I missed you. The world may not revolve around you, but mine felt just a bit less interesting...you prod me to think in ways I just wouldn't by myself. I think the word I'm looking for is "enriched"...you are a blessing. I haven't gotten to Quaker Summer yet (trying to save by waiting on a library copy) but I can't wait!


I'm glad you're back!


"If some things cause you a great deal of anxiety, maybe it's not that God wants you to conquer it, maybe it's a clue that God doesn't want you around it in the first place."

You mean, I'm not supposed to be trying to solve all the problems in the world? (Don't even start reminding me that I can't! :D ) Okay, so your words are definitely speaking to me this morning. I'm a bit behind in my reading, and maybe that's why. I needed to hear that this morning. @Tickle, Bald Man loves those Divine Hours. They feed him like nothing else. He has the kids hooked with him, too. :)

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