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May 07, 2007


Heidi Renee

I love it Lisa! I am so proud of you!

Looking at the pictures I thought of "nook & cranny" and then my mind when to that line from Sting - Wrapped Around My Finger "Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes" - except that has a negative connotation to it - instead of a safe haven which it appears to be.

Either way enjoy!

Deborah Raney

Yep, Heidi's right. It's a writing nook. And it's LOVELY!


Yeah, writing nook! Exactly what I was going to say. Looks cool and I hear you about the laptop thing. I have one of those armoires downstairs but it's blocked by junk from my last painting project. I really need to park the laptop there and return to life!


Well - I guess I just get to chime in with a "me too"! A nook is the first thing that came to my mind, as well.

Jennifer Griffith


Great spot! I can see you tapping away your thoughts while sipping on your java in your "writer's recess" right now!

I hope God provides you a "Starbuck's Express" driver and good "java ya ya" while at CCWC. A coffee lover can only handle so much YMCA brew. I wish I could go again, but my checkbook said "no."


A great Spot, like Jennifer says. It's Your Spot. THE Spot.

You don't have a door, but with a nail or a hook or something you can hang my contribution and keep intruders at bay!

Cindy Swanson

Funny, before I even read the other comments, I was thinking "nook."


I've got my wonderful writer is in/out card hanging on the handrail at the top of my little steps!

J. Mark Bertrand

Lisa, you just went from having no office to having one of the coolest I've seen. How do you do it? I was thinking 'bolthole,' but nook is good. There is something very old world about keeping a writer belowstairs.


Maybe this comes from my days as an elementary teacher, but my first thought was "cubby hole." Go figure. I like the Nook, too.

Just be sure to make your space well-lit, okay? I'm less worried about your eyes than your spirits. I have a really dark room in my house that is ugly and depressing. My goal is to get more lighting and paint it happy colors this summer.


Did I miss the post about you not selling the house? What's up with that, or is this a just-in-the-meantime setup?


Jules, we took the house off the market this week. We had no bites and the kids were almost begging us not to move. We really uprooted them to move here, have asked a lot, so we're staying, trusting God to provide our needs and help us to use this space in a Kingdom way.

And we're really going to see about thermal drapes come winter!


Very cozy and write-in-able!

Heidi Renee

Thank you for the update on the house Lisa! I have been praying - this is a great answer to that!

Katy McKenna

I'm going to go with a French twist on The Nook. How about The Niche? As in "Lisa writes for a niche market (of very groovy readers!) in The Niche."
OK, got my French in for the day!

Jules Quincy Stephens

Well ... I know I haven't ever made it down to KY yet, but I was secretly hoping you wouldn't sell the house. It looks like a great place.


I'm a new reader here, and am loving it! I received a copy of Quaker Summer and will have a review up soon. :) My first thought was "cubby." I love the quiet spots that old houses keep. We have one in our attic that I can't wait to turn into something special!


I'm with the "Writing Nook" crowd...that was my first thought. Then, the second one rolled around--"Thinkin' Spot"...then "Happy Place"...then "Little Corner of the Universe".

Can you tell I'm decision-impaired? :)

Belated birthday greetings...and welcome to the "44" club (I'm in it, too;) ).


I could only think of "Between Here and There" and if you hung out with engineer-types, it would quickly become BHAT, and then everyone "in the know" would call it your B-Hat and you could decorate it with a hat motif - tea party hats, baseball caps, top hats... well you get the idea. Yeah well probably not heh? Whatever you call it I hope you have many good times there!

Heather Diane Tipton

Yep, it's a nook! cool!

and can I just say, YAY! that you took the house off the market? I love that house. It's so totally a house of hospitality and peace... The Lord is going to honor that your so willing to let it be that too. I loved every minute I was there with y'all... that house and you were so used by God that month. My life now proves that!

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