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May 23, 2007



Oh my, Lisa, I would absolutely love to do that. I write but mostly for me at this point and I wouldn't fit in with a bunch of would-be novelists. But the intentional living - I think God has really been working in me about that.


Yeah, I'm intrigued.


Oooh! Me! Me! I'd love to! Probably couldn't, but I'd love to! Your blog, books, any many other things that God has brought across my path over the past year or so has me very motivated and convicted to start living my life differently than I have been and I'd love some guidance as to how to go about doing that.

Start doing those weekends Lisa, and I'd love to come to one someday. :)


Count me as interested definitely :)



Very, very interested...
I was so disappointed when the New Monastics gig was full. This would be awesome.

Tom Davis

What are you kidding???!!! You don't have to ask me twice!

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