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May 15, 2007



It does suck to be lied to. Worse yet is when you get used to being lied to. For some, that huge gaping wound of "lack" seems bottomless.

May the pain lessen without the addition of thicker skin...


Thanks for sharing this, Lisa. It's not all "fun and games" is it?. If we really want to invest ourselves in the lives of others it's gonna get messy ... it's just the nature of it. But it's oh, so worth it!

Blessings and peace...


While there's nothing good about it, is it somehow easier to take or understand from people who don't have a reason to do things differently? So many similar things happen within the church from people who should have a reason to live differently--perhaps, not always blatantly like stealing a possession, but distrust and slander sown under the table or behind the back. Since you've been on both sides of the fence, I'm just curious whether or not the place or context matters--or whether a trust betrayed is simply a trust betrayed.

Hurting for you, and praying that once again from these ashes and tears you'll rise like the phoenix...




We're battling this right now. We had a crooked landlord in France who, by French law, must pay us our deposit back. So he did. Or he said he did.

He didn't. He does things like that because he is crooked. And he can. Because we're thousands of miles away.

Sometimes I wonder, Why God? We're serving You and all this stuff happens. Why?

But then I remember Jesus. He was:

lied to
taken advantage of
lied about
gossipped about

I try to think of things in terms of that. I can now have deeper fellowship with Jesus because I know He understands. Somehow being defrauded feels sweet (not always, sometimes) when I know Jesus walked the same path.

Heidi Renee

Thank you for your transparency on this Lisa. RWK at "Today at the Mission" blog wrote on this yesterday too and I think you will resonate with it -



I don't know what to say Lisa, other than I'm really sorry. It does suck. But God is faithful.


Actually, it is easier when the person is really down and out, but the other one was a bit closer to the heart.

Mary, I love what you have to say. We're under attack a lot here, subtle attack to be sure, but you're right, if we try to be like Jesus (and I'm not saying I'm real successful at it!) I don't think Satan likes it all that much. Which is why prosperity theology really gets to me. It says "If everything in your life is great, you must be doing something right." But I've noticed that the times I'm trying most (and again, not succeeding all that well) to be like Christ, things get more difficult.

You all are great. Thanks for the wonderful thoughts. God is faithful, Jules. Always. You're right about that!

Heidi, I'll go to that link!

Elysa Mac

I'm really sorry, Lisa. I know the pain. I'm facing getting myself back in emotional danger again as we will be once again taking steps back into a "battle front" ministry.

I remember reading about a dear saint of an elderly woman who ministered to the inner city folks somewhere on the West coast...maybe Portland or Seattle? Anyway, she KNEW she'd be robbed so she started carrying around purses that she'd pick up cheap and used. In the purses she'd put a gospel tract and a bit of money...or maybe it was coupons/vouchers for free food? And then she'd just strut on down thru the worst parts of town AT NIGHT TIME hoping she'd get mugged so she could share her purse and its goodnews contents with some desperate sinner.

Her friends were, of course, APPALLED when they found out she was doing this. But she just wouldn't stop. Their eternal lives were more important to her than her physical life.

WOW! I can honestly say I am NO where near to being "there". Don't know if I ever will. To willingly lay down my life like that just to get Jesus to some thug.....yeah, I know...some thug passionately loved by the Father.

UGH! Reality sucks rotten eggs!!!!


I'm doing much better. Life has a way of straightening itself out sometimes. Love my blog friends!



I used to work with an organization that fixed up houses for the poor in Cincinnati. I did that for about three years and got so tired of people complaining about how we didn't fix it up exactly like they wanted (though they had no input on this in the first place). We took places that were ready to fall over and made them truly wonderful places to live, yet people complained and complained. Then they found a way to complain that all our work was making the neighborhood a nicer place to live. I never understood any of this.

Later, I worked at my church's government-sanctioned food and clothing distribution center. After a while, I realized people were gaming the system.

One day, a guy I knew who came in every week drove up in his shiny, new Caddy and got in line for his weekly supply. As he was leaving, he pulled me aside and told me he was taking all our food and selling it to buy drugs, which he promptly resold on the street. He hit food pantry after food pantry and made so much money reselling the food that the Caddy I saw outside was only one of several new cars he'd bought in the last few months. When he asked me what I thought of that, I was so dumbstruck that anyone would even think to do something so evil, that I actually had to sit down and collect my thoughts. I prayed with the guy and never saw him again.

An hour later a regular walked in with ADC papers that looked suspicious, but we gave her the weekly supply. Further examination showed the ADC papers were counterfeits.

Something cracked in me that day. I haven't been involved in any ministries to the poor like that since. I look out for people I come in contact with daily. At least I know them and can vouch that they're really in need. I know that's sad, but what do you do?

I hope you don't lose heart. Cynicism is a soul-killing disease.


hey girl - remember that i love you guys and the only thing i'll lie to you about is how good looking i am.

i am proud to be a friend of the samson clan - prophets and practitioners of the entirety of the call. the lot of ya. keep it up. we got your back.

Claudia Mair

Yeah, love stinks. Jesus warned us. He said in this world we'd have tribulation. Hang in there, baby. This is where we learn what real love looks like.

But yeah. It sucks.

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