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July 29, 2007


Elysa Mac

I love the new look of your blog, Lisa, and I love what you had to say. Its so right on with how your books make me feel.

BTW, I was able to get an old copy of WARRIOR'S BRIDE and I'm reading it right now. Its a big genre change for me as I've been reading mostly contemporary (like your QUAKER SUMMER), chick-lit, and mysteries for a while now, but I'm really enjoying it. I'm enjoying the story and the journey that Johanna is going on, but I'm also enjoying getting to know another side of you that I didn't know existed.

Its interesting for me to see how your work has changed but in the ways that it is still the same.

I'm getting near the end now and I want to hurry up and finish as I've just GOT to find out if Johanna becomes her true love's bride in the literal sense or only in His heart. And are we going to get a miracle here in the physical or just of the heart?

Thanks for enriching my life with your gift from God!



love the look of your blog, lisa. And your response is right on and fits your books. Keep at it.


Rachel Hauck

I love that answer, Lisa. I'm not sure what I would say if asked that question without time to formulate an answer.

Your heart shines through your answers and your writing.

And it's lovely.



I write to ask questions, too. We all think we have THE ANSWERS, then we forget to ask anymore questions. Plenty of good questions that will require even better answers still exist. Let's keep asking them!

Dee Stewart

Like the look of the blog, too, Lisa.

Your response does befit your books to me. From my pov you are one of the best contemporary writers period. When I read your work I forget it's a CBA title, which it should. Gonna miss you at TMA.


Thanks so much you all!

Dee, you made my night!


This is Mary from HAWC better known as Jonesy online
Make that 8001!
I finished Straight Up in a day and a half. It was the book I was supposed to read last week. It was the anniversary of my son's death and even though it's been a long time I still have down times on his birth and death date.
I like your site here and your blog. I looked at the picture and said, "Yep, that's Lisa!"
Hope you made it home safe and sound.
I hope I'm not out of line in thanking you for having Chip look at my work. Even if he wasn't impressed with it, I thank you anyway.


Lisa, I'm convicted by your statement:
You see, I don't write because I have all the answers. I write to ask questions, and I know they are the same questions a lot of you are asking.

Too often, I write as if I DO have all the answers, thinking that's what people expect. Who says we have to know? Why should I think I can know even a few correct ones? And doesn't Jesus love us anyway, whether we know anything or not? No wonder nonbelievers don't believe--know-it-all Christians like me.


Hey Lisa, love the new look - so nice and clean. And love the bio at the top. I'm learning the importance of asking more questions too lately and your books of course always pose many to me. btw was on vacation last week and came across one of your romance titles . . . in an antique shop! Thought you might get a kick out of that!

Oh, Lisa.....
I thank God for the crisp, fresh voice you use in your Christian fiction. I am just in love w/ your writing. I read the books on two levels: the story and then the writing. You use language in such an exquiste and elegant manner. I am sometimes just stunned by a phrase or coupling of words. Your writing style is equally satisfying for me as your stories. I love both. May the Lord continue to bless you in this work for Him! I love the "masks off" approach, the sense of being genuine and real. Thank you, thank you. My heart is full.
jo hays


You all are so generous. Thank you so much! Wow, Jo, I'm honored!


Oh, Lisa! You look soooo good! And I love your new banner!!

Change seems to be all around me...

Christy Lockstein

That's how I think of each of your books: as a good friend. They have gotten me through some tough times. I took one to the doctor's office with me for during a scary test, and it helped give me peace throughout the day. Your books are so approachable. Thank you Lisa!


Hi Lisa,

I am glad to hear someone else say they write because they have questions. I told my editor once that I write to find answers about questions I have and after I said it I felt silly!

Maybe that is why I really like your writing. Your readers are looking for answers too.

Julie Fidler

Love the pic, Senorita Sexypants.


This is my favorite picture of you. Did you do it the day you did the taping?

Sherrie Lord

Ohmygosh, I love you so much, Lisa. Love the pic. Love your answer to why you write.

I miss you, girl.

Hugs, Sherrie ;-}

Deena @ The Bookshelf

My review of Hollywood Nobody is posted here:


I would love to devour--I mean, READ anything else new you have released! Just let me know:-)

Christine Sine

I have just discovered your blog. I had no idea that you had written so many books. Forgive my ignorance. I look forward to tracking some of them down. I am always looking for new books to read.

Mimi Pearson

Hi Lisa!

FIRST is doing a blog tour of Hollywood Nobody on November FIRST. (Set up with Glass Roads PR)

Hope you stop on by. The Members Links are on the right bookmark on the blog.


God Bless!

Timothy Fish

When I teach a class at church, one of the things I don't like is when people assume that the answer must be "Jesus" or something similar. It seems to me that the older people get the more likely they are to just answer "Jesus" and hope that it is right rather than thinking about their answers.

Why do I write? In part, I do it for myself. I write the books that I would like to read but other people aren't writing, but I also do it because I want people to think. I want people to see the world from a point of view that they haven't considered. I want them to be able to do something that they couldn't do before.


My sister-in-law just emailed me the article about you in "Today's Christian Woman" with the subject as "sound familiar". I can't begin to tell you how similar our life journeys are. We're in Louisville living intentionally in the inner city and loving every minute of it. I would love to discuss more with you.
peace to you!


Hi Lisa,

I just discovered your books recently after a friend recommended them. I don't know why they escaped my attention before - I love to read. I just finished "Women's Intuition" and "Songbird" and loved them both. You really have a way with words. I may read "Church Ladies" next, but I'm a pastor's wife - we're in our first years of ministry...and I'm afraid of what you might have to say in your book. (Will I want to laugh or cry? :-)

Well, just wanted to say thanks for your books and keep up the good work!



I love the new pic. It's totally you. Now where's da blog? LOL Have a blast on your trip.


Thank you so much for books. They are an inspiration and encouragement.


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