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July 18, 2007


Elysa Mac

I'm APPALLED by some of those comments! Obviously they don't know the grace-filled, loving hearts that you and Will have.

Of course, as I was telling a friend the other day, just because we're telling truth doesn't mean people are necessarily mean people are going to like us or even respond in a respectful yet disagreeing way. After all, look what people did to our precious Lord and Saviour and we KNOW He was only speaking the truth.

Now I'm obviously not saying that those commentators would physically string you up, but I'm learning more and more that as I speak out and refuse to put on the nice, get-along religious masks, that its offensive to some people and some people, even good Christians, are not always going to like me or what I believe in.

I used to think that if we could all just sit down and explain ourselves that we'd understand and could all get along. Sadly, it ain't so. And sadly, we, who are supposed to be characterized by our LOVE, are too often some of the ones who hurt others the most.

There ain't no pain like the pain inflicted from those who we are supposed to be in unity and fellowship with.:(

I'm sorry for those awful things said. And I'm sorry that they were said in such crude and hurtful ways.

You are greatly loved Lisa...not just by me and your scads of truly adoring readers, but by the Father. I know that He is smiling over the efforts you and Will and your family are making to do love to the "least of these".

BIG HUGS and smoochy lipsticky kisses from a reader who's life is being changed by God's messages found in your books.

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elysa Mac

P.S. And you know, we need to be praying for those posters. Obviously, there is something going on with them that needs the Father's touch if they would be compelled to say such awful things. Its one thing to disagree, but its another to do it in this manner. I'm thinking they need to experience the love and grace of the Father in an overpowering way. Praying for them right now.


I thought it was an excellent interview - and I really appreciated your practical solutions, Lisa. I commented, as well. I didin't think that your "likes" and "you knows" were bad at all. In one celebrity interview I conducted, they were much more numerous, but as the "professional" - right or wrong - I chose to edit them out of the printed version. =) Keep on loving and writing, Lisa!


Lisa, I can't wait to read this book. Thank you so much for writing it.

Elysa Mac

Praise God! The "B" word comment post was removed.


I know Elysa said that comment had been removed, but I just saw it....

The emerging and emergent church movements--I know so little, and yet what I see is that they're super-controversial because they go against the grain of the traditional church. With conservatism moving steadily right and away from (as I see it) social gospel and helping others, it's no wonder you got rude comments.

I still remember my hubby doing a seminary paper on social justice at our increasingly-conservative seminary (and this was about 15 years ago), and it was seen as quite liberal.



I think I got an email from these same folks. They're banding together against apparent apostasy and particularly angry about McLaren and Sweet.

When I asked Len Sweet about how he deals with these folks, he said, "I write, 'you may be right.'" That'll disarm folks!

I am so sorry. According to Len, there are entire websites dedicated to debunking him. That must be hard, hard, hard.

My Authentic Parenting book won't be carried in some bookstores because it has the word POSTMODERN in it.

Lisa, the thing I've come to learn is the basic 1 Corinthians 13 thing. Folks can be "right," but if they have not love, it profits them nothing. You can tell more about a person's heart when they disagree with a doctrine (as in the manner in which they disagree) than merely judging them by their correct theology.


There's nothing like anonymous comment boxes to bring out the worst in people.


As you teach me by example what social justice looks like on you...and I'm starting to get an idea of what it might look like on me...I'm so excited and scared I can hardly stand it.

It might be the scared part that fuels these absurd comments. When we're really afraid of something it's easy to be angry and even abusive. It's much harder to open our hearts and minds to the truth.

Truth (as in Jesus) has always been controversial...and of course convicting which stokes controversy's fires.

Hang on sweet sister - I think you're in for the adventure of your lives. Since you're riding with Jesus I know there will be eternal value in all of it.

I'm more ready to read this book than ever before...controversy can be good for sales. Sales are the way you get the message out. There are huge possibilities in this problem! We'll probably be tuning in to see you and Will on Larry King live...oh I really hope stuff like that happens for you and the message you've been given to hearald. In order for me to see you on Larry King I'd have to go to someone else's house - we haven't hooked up the TV yet...so let me know in advance.


Great interview. The comments both sadden and disgust me. Brings back memories of sitting next to these kind of people in college chapel services with a knot in my stomach, wondering how in the world such ugliness could even be considered Christlike. Ugh. And does all this ugliness even accomplish anything?

So sorry you had to endure this but the interview was well done.


Prophets are often despised by the mainstream. Puts you in great company.


You guys are so encouraging. Thanks so much!!! Love you!

Alison Strobel Morrow

That's really a shame, Lisa. I'm sorry that happened. I'm not a fan of most emergent folks, either, but I certainly don't lump them all together. I know *I* don't appreciate people making assumptions about me based on the people I hang out with. Think of the assumptions we could make about Christ if we did that! "Tax collectors, prostitutes, sinners...gracious, what a bad influence that Jesus must have been..."


Lisa I loved the interview and i'm looking forward to reading your book. I'm almost finished Shane Claiborne's Irresistable Revolution and I think it's ruining my life. I hope your book does the same! :)
I'm also just dumbfounded by those comments. It's just frightening how some people think it's ok to post stuff like that. I really believe in your work and want to encourage you to just follow your Lord. And as Mary always says 'God sees!'


Hey Lisa,
I thought it was a good interview, and the "Um"s and "Like"s didn't stand out to me one bit. :)

There are people up in arms about the emergent movement..what can you do? There are always people reacting to things with their fingers in their ears, not wanting to hear, or making excuses. Leave 'em to the Lord. I am really looking forward to your book!


The article on Relevant whet my appetite to read this book. I have just recently surrendered my life to Christ and been blessed with an awesome group of brothers and sisters who seek God with everything, to know God and do His will and die to themselves in order that Christ's light would shine to those walking in darkness. I'm looking forward to reading about ways to work in our ministry of reconciliation. 2 Corinthians 5:17-21


I forgot to mention thank you and God bless you! Grace and peace in Christ! =)

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