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November 07, 2007


Jeanne Damoff

Awesome news, Lisa! Not surprising, but awesome. ;)


Congrats. Straight Up should have been on there, too.

Katie Hart

Congratulations! I hope Quaker Summer will touch many more lives.

Heidi Renee

Congratulations Lisa!

Sure do miss your blog posts!


Congrats ... those are some well-deserved kudos!!

Sue@praise and coffee

Congrats Lisa, that is awesome!

Dee Stewart

Congratulations, Lisa. Your writing will help others see that Christian fiction is the light of the world. Thanks so much for your contribution .



So cool. I LOVED that book.

Don Hoesel

Late to the party but congratulations Lisa.


I read and greatly enjoyed Quaker Summer! Awesome book - one that many should read. I plan to blog about it sometime, but haven't yet.


Thanks, Robin! And thanks for dropping by!

Thanks to all who have come by. I'm so glad you did!


Just finished reading your book recently. LOVED IT! It really challenged me and I've been praying for the Lord to open opportunities for me and my husband to serve those in need in our community.

Cindy Swanson

Congrats, Lisa! So well-deserved! I remember how my summer book club ladies loved this one. What a nice Christmas gift for you!


I have to say that Quaker Summer found me. This is the first book written by you that I have read, well currently reading. (I picked it up yesterday and can not put it down)And... it will not be the last.

Thank you for having the courage to bring those QUESTIONS to the table. I am a young mother in a world of material things. Sometimes it is hard to look past all of the stuff in the world. I have been "lost" in my head for a year now. Wondering what is wrong with me, what is missing, where to go. I keep looking for signs from God expecting them to be right in front of me. However I find myself being distracted often by things.

This book has helped me to open my eyes just a bit wider! You have a gift!

Thank you again!


I had no idea someone else thought their "purpose" would be waiting for them too. I must have found the book now for a reason. Thanks for all your stories and for helping me share Jesus with my aunts who are just stepping up in their faith. I started them out on "The Living End" and haven't got my book back yet and it's been at least 6 months. I hope they're sharing it with others or re-reading it.

Maureen Moore

Am half way through Quaker Summer
and can't put it down. But I couldn't wait to e-mail you to say thanks. Right book at right time. Am just in the middle of a big change in thinking. Feel Jesus calling but can't stand the evangelical right. Embarrasing!
You are helping me through the door. Thanks again.

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