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August 02, 2007



That was fun. I guess I haven't really listened to Led "Zepland" much. All of that was sin when I was a kid. But I like their sound.
I have always like Journey best, I think.
REO Speedwagon, too.


Wow. Summer is all about Led Zepplin. Good choice.


I saw them live in Sydney in 1972. I've always been partial to Kashmir.


That link was GREAT. I've been Zep fan since jr. high. Nobody had their chemistry and sound. I never saw Zeppelin in concert but did see Page and Plant both times they came to LA and they put on incredible shows. As for my favorite songs, since I love Page's guitar work, I have to put Since I've Been Loving You up at the top. Rock and Roll off the Song Remains the Same is pretty incredible too. It's hard to pick "a favorite" though.


I've been listening to the Fleming and John 'Winter Wonderland' since I heard about it from you a few years back. The Woman hates it. It's my favorite xmas song. I especially like the clip clop of the horse hooves, and find myself listening for it when Misty Mountain Hop is playing.

My fav LZ tune is Black Dog. I wrote most of Fred3 and Hell in a Briefcase listening to that album.


Do you know where I can find the "I got you babe" done to "Black Dog"....by Fleming and John.

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