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August 14, 2007



Oh my that looks good - the table full of tomatoes as well as the recipe! I never imagined roasting tomatoes would be so simple. My garden went kapui this year for some reason, overcrowded I think. I usually make sauce and freeze it but have canned tomatoes in the past and they're always nice in the winter. Pretty easy, just time consuming (and hot!)


Hi Lisa, my dad's tomatoes didn't do so good this year due to the flooding, but he is already begun pumpkin watch for the fall! Tyson is doing better . . . thanks for the prayers. Jeane


Thanks for the tip...we won't have ripe tomatoes for another week or so, but this sounds like a great way to cut down on the processing time for freezing tomatoes. I love the look of canned goods on a shelf, but when we down-sized to go overseas several years ago, I sold my canning equipment. I've never had the urge to replace it for some reason. ;)


Mu experience has been with uncooked tomatoes that we froze -- the skins just fell off as they thawed, or as they cooked down in the pot of sauce. Then I just fished the skins out of the pot.

Our 'matoes are doing yucky but glad to see yours are doing great. :-)

My hubby planted yellow plum tomatoes this year and brought me three of them the other day as he headed to work. WOW! They are sweeter than candy and not acidic at all. Love 'em.

To freeze them, we just wash them up, pick out the good ones, put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer until they freeze hard, then bag them up. Couldn't be easier.


Okay, I had to dig this post up last night because I got a bunch of beautiful Romas out of my garden last night and was just dying to try this. I roasted 2 pans last night and am doing 2 more tonight. That after I made some of the paste stuff - ooooh baby! Wow, is that good!!!

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