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October 26, 2007



Aww man, we just had bulk trash pick up! (once a quarter, they collect the big stuff that doesn't fit in the can) But, I think I can do this. I'll even try do it "green" - nothing in the trash. Surely somebody can use some of this STUFF.

Michelle Pendergrass

I know what you mean about the stuff weighing you down.

I've been doing really good lately opening myself up to be humiliated online (see my Tackle It Tuesday posts.)

I think I can gather 100 things I don't use and I'll either throw them away or give them away (FreeCycle is great for that)

Katy McKenna

I'm ALWAYS in for further purging. Just made a haul to Goodwill this week. I desperately want the freedom of not feeling tied down by so much stuff. It affects me much the same as claustrophobia does--when I've overcome with junk, it feels like being stuck in an MRI machine. Can't breathe!


Best feeling of my life was when I parked a dumpster in my driveway to prepare for a move from the house I had lived in for 13 years. Better yet, after it was full, a dumpster-diving relative showed up and took about half of it home with him. I saved the landfill, gave him a thrill, and stream-lined my life!


We have been getting rid of stuff like crazy! And I love the idea of 100 items, I am starting to look for them now in my home. LOVE IT!

Katy McKenna

My all-time fave title yet for a get-rid-of-junk motivational book is Don Aslett's "Lose Two Hundred Pounds This Weekend!" I bought it for the title alone, and it's NOT in my pile of 100 things to dump! :)

Alison Strobel Morrow

I love this idea! We've been trying to get a date scheduled for my parents to take Abby for a day so Dan and I can tackle the garage--it's such a disaster, and with winter coming we want to be able to actually park the car in there. We'll definitely do that in the next month--can't wait to take a pic of the stuff we freecycle/sell/dump!

Sue @ praise and coffee

It always feels so good to clean house doesn't it?!

I added your book to my Amazon list on my blog.



That sounds like a fun challenge. I"m thinking of getting my kids to do it with me.


Okay...I'm in. We moved in May and I took tons of stuff - really good stuff - to the Good Will and Salvation Army. I might not come up with 100 items but I'm sure going to try. I took at least 6 trunk loads in June and July...and 3 since then. It's been fun and freeing. There are those puzzles and silk flowers I kept...and clothes - oh yeah gotta go through those. And coffee mugs. And books - some of them have to go! Pretty sure this will equal 100. I'll start a box (or 3!) today.


I told some ladies at my Church about the challenge and my friend Tabitha has said she'd throw away a box of Cheerios. That should cover a hundred bits...


We currently have a big dumpster too! It is the only way to go.

Maria Kenney

I'm in. I'll keep a list as I go. Thanks for spearheading this!


Oh, I am soooo in! We bought a new house (to us) house this summer, and most of our stuff is still in storage. I'm kinda liking our empty house. Hubby brought home another load on Friday and I'm hating having to put away more junk.


Oooh. I need this one. Count me in.


Put a broken lawn chair out with the trash today. That's one!

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