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October 30, 2007


Claudia Mair

It looks like big chunks of chocolate, but I'm a girl. I have delusions of chocolate. Do tell!

Jessica S

It IS chocolate! It is! :D


Looks yummo! (And nice ingredients...LOL)

Tom Davis

I'm voting for Chocolate too. It's the first thing that popped in my mind. But, what a weird ingredient! Could it be true? Ever notice I'm the only guy leaving comments about this stuff?!


I've seen chocolate as an ingredient in chili before. i kind of prefer my chocolate "straight up" but hey, i'm sure it would add something to chili as well. this looks like some pretty mean chili . . . mmmm!

Susan Meissner

Cool! Hey, I put cayenne in my hot chocolate, so the real Vitamin C in chili makes perfect sense to me
Luv your new web look . . .


What I'm wondering is if it is unsweetened chocolate or the sugary kind....

I think either would potentially work. Do tell!

Sorry we can't come by for a bowl tonight. Our parish is having a special prayers and a campfire out on the Church land...with marshmallows afterwards!


Chocolate. I've put cinnamon in my chili before, too.
I like to make my chili with bison.


Yep. It was baking chocolate. Usually I just use cocoa powder but there wasn't any in the house so I used semi sweet baking chocolate.

It was a hit! A great Halloween. Lots of people on the porch and full-sized bars to give away.

Melanie Larson

Hi Lisa,
I don't comment much, but I wanted to tell you that my husband and I tried the whole "chili and hot chocolate on the driveway" experiment. In my mind, it was a huge success. Several groups of older kids hung out with us for a while, and we got to finally meet our next door neighbors (not having kids is a sin worth shunning in our neighborhood, so we haven't met many!). Also, one boy's pillowcase had a hole in it, and I sewed it up for him. We had a blast and plan on making it a Larson Halloween tradition wherever the Air Force sends us! :) Thanks for the ideas!

Sue@praise and coffee

LOL, now that's my kind of chili!!

Pam Halter

I've made chili with chocolate, but didn't like it. Maybe because I used a regular Hershey bar and not baking chocolate.

I've also made it with a splash of red wine.

I wanted to do the chili and hot chocolate thing on Halloween, but my husband wasn't home for part of the night and I have an autistic daughter who cant' be left alone.

I'm going to try it next year.


This is too funny bc we had a chili cookoff at work this week and this girl had a secret ingrediant that was such a huge secret and then her friend told me it was chocolate. I guess this is growing in popularity. I'll have to try it!!!


I must be weird or something because the first think I thought was "Why did Lisa throw chunks of iron metal into her chili?"

After reading Mair's suggestion that it was chocolate I looked again and decided it was baker's chocolate. I've heard of cocoa powder being used in chili so ...

I wonder if I should experiment on my husband sometime with chocolate chili -- probably not; he's Upper Midwestern of Scandinavian extraction where, according to "How To Speak Minnestoan," all food is white or has something added to make it "whitened" (like mayo, cream sauce, Cool Whip, mushroom soup, etc) ... somehow green jell-o is the only food of color allowed and often has half a table reserved for it at church potluck dinners ...

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