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October 16, 2007



Love it! Sounds like MY kind of work! LOL!

BTW, my copy of HOLLYWOOD NOBODY arrived yesterday and I am so psyched. I'll be starting it as soon as I finish Grisham's latest, PLAYING FOR PIZZA. Gotta get it finished quickly as the library won't let me renew it and the waiting list if frightfully long.

I had to fight my daughter over it, though. She wanted to read it right away but I was feeling particularly selfish and pulled the mom-authority card and told her she had to wait til I read it first. I know, mean mom.:(

ANYWAY! Even though I've not read it yet, I've already started spreading the word as promised and will post a review about it on my blog as soon as I've devoured it...and all the cheesy allusions. ;) Couldn't help but think of Mair when I read that you'd put a lot of cheeses in it. :)

For now, I've got its pic up at my blog with a post about how excited I was to receive it.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WRITING!!!! You are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made by God and I'm my life is richer as a result.

BIG SOUTHERN BELLE, LIPSTICKY KISSES....MWA-A-A-AAH and MWA-A-A-A-A-AAAH! (that's one for each cheek...NOT the lips!)


Sounds perfect--like a morphing of a college library and a coffee shop (that serves tea and chai, of course, since I won't touch coffee). :)



I SO agree...though I'll definitely request hot chocolate be kept in stock with plenty of marshmallows and whipped cream to go on top! :)


I love it! But I think you should call it Work OUT. I'm going to Work Out...


Great idea. My BIL worked for a guy who had a boat named "A Service Call" -- so in the summer when someone asked where he was "He's out on A Service Call was not a lie."

Heather Diane Tipton

LOL I love it... I would totally go there! heck I want to come see y'all period!

Hey... you going to serve your rockin' tea at Work? I totally need to find out where you get your tea from.

Jennifer L. Griffith

I know what you're saying about the music playing and loud conversations. In the summer, I like to sit on the deck of our local Organic Cafe in the high mountain air. Usually the noise level is low. But you can imagine when winter arrives, it's back inside.


Talk about a great place to write...

Check out:

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