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November 21, 2007



Very interesting - it made me want to look at the statistics for my own area and get involved - thank you! On a sidenote - as a pastor / christian / rep of Christ - why would Mr Chalmers use profanity? I didn't get that ...


Thanks, Amanda. I think I can speak for Jimmy and say that when you get in the trenches you become offended at injustice, hunger, suffering, pain, and so cuss words seem a little unimportant in the face of what truly should be offensive to the follower of Jesus. And let's face it, sometimes we just get a little angry at the terrible things going on and the word "poopy" just wouldn't cut it! LOL!

But I would ask the following commenters to please not highjack this post with thoughts about profanity when we're talking about much bigger, systemic problems as well as what it means to be a merciful Christian.

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