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December 12, 2007



OOOOH!!!! I am so excited...and my girls will be THRILLED!!!!!!! :D We are SO ready to have another peek in to Scotty's life. My 12 year old has been asking us why WE can't sell our house and live in an RV while traveling the good ole U.S. of A? She also is jealous that Scotty gets to be in control of her own homeschooling (instead of having nagging ole parents like us to tell her that she can NOT skip the decimal to fraction pages in her workbook!).

Pam Halter

My daughter will be excited, too. She really enjoyed the first book.



Daughter B noticed that book #2's cover is different than the one shown at the back of #1. Can't verify this as book is loaned out. Anyway, she just wonders what happened to THAT cover?

Enquiring minds and Scotty fans wanna know. ;)

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