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December 06, 2007



This kind of stuff gets my goat too. I hope enough people complain loudly enough because I'm a long time Billy Ray fan and this just doesn't seem to go along with what I like about him (I'm sure it corporate promoters, nevertheless they have to know it reflects badly on them).


The HM show came through here the weekend after Thanksgiving. Greensboro and Charlotte were full of young ladies who could not afford, let alone buy tickets. Parents were paying $1500.00 to $2000.00 PER SEAT to see the phenom.


I've heard about what's happening with the ticket prices, Jimmy! Parents who'll pay $2000 to shut up their child deserve to. I mean, it's not like the money was destined for a good cause anyway.

Dianne, I know, I think they were suckered in by a big marketing firm or something too. But still, they're the ones that come off looking bad, and they should. Asking people to pay for a better chance to get a ticket is, at best, sleazy.

Katy McKenna

I am rather new to the Hannah Montana thing. She was here in KC a few nights ago, packing out our new arena downtown. My sister works there at concerts, etc, selling drinks. I'll ask her what she knows about how much kids paid to get in...cause now I wanna know!!! BTW, I'd love to see Manheim Steamroller at this new arena next week, but the tickets are $100 each, so I refuse, on principle. It's just too much.

Katy McKenna

Yeah, the kids missed out here, too. Missouri's Attorney General is suing three ticket brokers for scalping the tickets for, typically 20 times their value. Reportedly, by one minute after the tickets went on sale, they were sold out. Then, within three minutes, you could get those same tickets on eBay, at jacked up prices few could (or would...) afford.

Leanna Ellis

My daughter (8) wants to be into Hannah Montana and I've resisted. She's asking for a cd for Christmas. And I'm really clueless. Is it appropriate? We've never even seen her show.


I haven't found anything traditionally offensive about Hannah Montana. The humor is clean and zany and there's a lot of family love going on.

If you're trying to ward off against materialism and 14-year-olds with lots of make-up and hair extensions, I might take a pass. We're so overtly outspoken in our house about how fake Hollywood is and these shows are, that Gwynnie isn't overly influenced by the typical Disney Image, where everybody's thin and glamorous. Except for Raven who's the best of the bunch.

Katy McKenna

One of the stores here in a swankier mall did "makeovers" of the little girls all day before the concert that night. After the girls had their hair, face, and outfits done, they practiced their dance moves while singing into mics. The store spokeswoman on the local news said they were helping the kids "bring out their inner Hannah Montana." That kind of stuff drives me crazy, plus it was a school day. Are all of these girls REALLY homeschooled and even if they ARE, what subject does "make-overs" fall under? ;)

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