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December 07, 2007


Leanna Ellis

I love that story but most people don't know it. We have a picture book telling the tale, but it doesn't mention prostitution obviously.


You win today's award for most unique blog title!

I heard that story for the first time this year and thought it was very, very cool. I wish we heard more about the real St. Nicolas and less about Santa.


I read this story for the first time this year, too, and loved that he was a real person who anonymously gifted others and spread the Gospel.
I enjoy catching your blog and wanted to tell you I've ordered Saint's Coffee for all the coffee drinkers on my gift list (and a couple bags for us, too!). Can't wait to try it.


Hi Lisa -
I dont know if you still are interested in stories of people doing work to alleviate poverty etc - but I work for Atlanta Metro Kidz (www.atlmetrokidz.com) and we're working with kids in inner city Atlanta. It's a great ministry (part of Atlanta Dream Center) and you can read about my journey there and how I ended up working there at thestanleyclan.blogspot.com

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