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January 22, 2008



:( for me.

but ;) for you.

i wouldn't have found my great community of faith (church) had it not been for you.


Carrie K.

I'll miss the blog, but look forward to more books- and the newsletter. Be blessed!


I know the feeling. I've cut back from 1 review a week to 1 review a month. Very freeing. And I've got both your new releases pre-ordered. Keep on rocking, sister!

Christy Lockstein

I'll miss your blog, but I understand completely. Every event of the day is weighed for its capacity to entertain my blog readers. :) I'm signing up for the newsletter and can't wait for Embrace Me and Finding Hollywood Nobody!


I'll miss the blog but look forward to more books!


I totally understand...but praising God with you on all these wonderful opportunities the Lord is providing!


Thanks for adding your voice to the web. Even as a lurker, you've taught me about justice and let me see what being the hands and feet of Christ is like. I've been entertained, challenged and blessed. Good luck in all your (ad)ventures. We'll be reading ...


All I can say is thank you so much, for all the change you've helped to usher into my life!


Elysa Mac

Thank you for obeying God even if many of us will miss your blog greatly.

And thank you for letting God use your blog while it was up and running. God used your blog to get me going to Swazilan with you tomorrow...and in turn, my daughters. For that I will always hold you and your Author Intrusion, near and dear to my heart.

SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!

And I can't WAIT to read the book! ;)


I love your blog and admire you for what you are doing. I also look forward to your future books.


I will miss visiting your blog and your enlightening posts, Lisa. But I do understand the time it takes to be a writer and how we have to really place boundaries around what we put our time into when it's in such short supply. Or at least I'm beginning to. Looking forward to reading more of your books. Blessings and prayers go with you.

Jennifer L. Griffith

Thanks for sharing you for the time that God allowed. I TOTALLY understand where you are coming from and I know that God will honor your obedience and heart.

Blessings, dear sister in Christ,

Christa Allan

I will miss your searing honesty, your wit, and your passionate pleas for God's kingdom. But, most of all, I am grateful for your presence here and for the help you've given me in directing my own writing.

Giving up a blog to offer yourself to God...well, I'm not going to question that one!

My prayers will be with you and your family. God bless you.


Thank you so much for all you've shared and the blessing you've been to me. Can't wait to read the books that are yet to come.


Thank you so much for all you've shared and the blessing you've been to me. Can't wait to read the books that are yet to come.


Tear, tear. I never commented on your blog before, but I was a faithful reader. Just wanted to say thank you for your honesty and your willingness to be submissive to Him. I look forward to reading more books.

Heather Diane Tipton

wow. I'm so going to miss your blog. I know in the last year or so I haven't been a regular on here, but I would drop by and catch up on all I had missed, and would love every minute of the Lisa-ness that flowed from your fingertips on to this blog.

you brought beauty, love and thought provoking posts to the blogosphere, babe! And I will miss you blogging. but I totally understand.

I can't wait for Embrace Me to come out!!

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