March 10, 2008


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Janet Warren

Dear Lisa,
My husband and I are active members at South Elkhorn Christian Church in Lexington. Our Sunday School Class has been studying "Justice in the Burbs" for the past 8 weeks. The class has been diligent in preparing and come each week with good discussion. They have asked me to contact you and Will to request that you visit one of our classes sometime within the next 4-6 weeks if at all possible. We know that you are very busy people but we have so many thoughts and questions about our faith journies. We believe, with you, that being the hands and feet of Jesus is THE WAY to change the world.
Thank you,
Janet Warren, 128 Fairway DRive, Nicholasville, KY 40356; 859-887-5479.


Don't you think it's to visit lovely Mississippi and your groovy Swaziland Sister, Elysa???? All of the people she has turned on to your books would just looooove love LOVE to meet you.

Joy DeKok

Hi Lisa!

I don’t know if you remember me – we met in Colorado and I visited your blog frequently. I wrote and used POD to get into print a novel titled, Rain Dance. Sheaf House has recently decided to publish it! Besides excited, I realize this book doesn’t stand a chance in the “great out there” without endorsements. So, yes, I’m asking. I can send you a copy of the POD book to review and/or endorse if possible (I do understand it may not live up to everyone’s standards or tastes). If this is possible, I can send you a reviewers copy in a few days. The release date with Sheaf House is Sept 2009.

Rain Dance is about two women…one cannot have children and one choose an abortion. Their lives intersect at a crucial moment and they can’t forget each other. Then the impossible happens…two women on opposite sides of an issue face their beliefs, hypocrisies, and broken dreams…together.

If you remember me, you know I am truly a Lisa Samson fan. Can’t help myself. And the most recent on my shelf is always my favorite…which right now is Embrace Me. I will be sharing my thoughts on your books and your writing in a few weeks on my writing site…I’m not trying to butter you up…I just think one email is more efficient than two.

I do understand if your answer has to be no.
Joy DeKok

Valerie Davis Benton

Ms. Samson,

I was first introduced to you by the article in Today's Christian Woman about your family moving to Lexington, Ky., and how you've embraced the hurting and the lost and invited them into your home. I applaud you for looking beyond the walls of your home and creating your own mission field right where you're planted. I had already collected a few of your books, but that article told me volumes about your heart and your priorities. This may be a rather odd request, but then again, you may get these kinds of requests all the time. My son graduates on Friday, May 7, from University of Kentucky's Pharmacy School. I live in Leesburg, Ga., right outside of Albany, Ga. (southwest part of the state). We will be in Lexington all week - Tuesday through Saturday. I am a former newspaper journalist-turned-hospital public relations manager. But my dream is to also write Christian fiction full-time. I have written three novels - the first for healing; the second in the submission phase; the third being tweaked and polished; and the fourth in the research phase. Now that my son is graduating, I feel like I'm facing a blank page in my life for which I'm seeking direction, guidance, mentoring, a network, enlarged borders ... something. I have wanted for some time to meet you while in Lexington visiting my son and his family, but previously I had short blocks of time. That is not the case this next week. Would it be impractical of me to ask to meet with you, not to have you read my work or ask anything from you. I just feel compelled to want to talk with you and meet you. I realize you're a busy woman, but if you could spare a few moments to chat, coffee's on me.


Just finished The Passion of Mary-Margaret. What a wonderful, wonderful book. Thank you for sharing!

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