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Heather Diane Tipton

"But is it okay to make a recon mission to KFC every once in awhile to get a drumstick?"



So glad you've resurfaced here!

Yeah, after I read Fast Food Nation several years ago, I avoided fast food for a long time. But now, when we do stop at the big M, I often say a little prayer for the folks who bring us that 'food'. Knowing what I now know about the food industry, I think 'There but for the grace of God go I' and remember what a broken place this world is.


a thigh, some ribs, stella mae's fried chicken...all in moderation. but who makes the best cheese grits around? oh yeah, it's lisa samson.
the southerners around lexvegas have voted and it's unanimous.


For 15 years I only got my hair cut at the community college cosmetology school. Interesting experiences.

Fernando Gethers

Wow, that's a pretty interesting tidbit about your stylist. It must have been difficult for her to suffer something like that. But it's certainly amazing that she was able to overcome the injury. Kudos to her! And good luck to your niece who's in beauty school!

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