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How great is this?! Love that you're doing it as a family. If Gwynnie (or you... :) ever set up a shop online (like at etsy or something), let me know!

Kevin J Bowman

I love your spirit in this! You Samson's totally rock!!!

Mary E. DeMuth

Can our family move in with your fam? You're all so fun.

We're tightening the buckle too.

Madison Richards


In April we started on the "Dave Ramsey" plan. It's been amazing. Envelopes for groceries, gas, etc (cash system) and every dollar named and categorized before it even comes in the door. So far we've paid down our debt by 1/3 and it's very exciting!

I too love the freedom of being in control of your finances. It's very calming. And we could all use a little more calm in our lives!

Keep up the good work... :)
Madison Richards

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