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You are so absolutely gorgeous...inside and out! Truly!

I thank the day God led me to you thru the Wonderful World of Blogdom.

He has used you in such amazingly wonderful ways. And how could I NOT send people to your books...they've impacted my life in so many great ways that I want that for others!

Feeling a little misty around the edges and a whole lot loved,
Elysa (but not Marie)

Jeanne Damoff

That's a fabulous photograph. My compliments to Ty (and you)!

I love these little glimpses into daily Samson-dom. Your earnest efforts toward living intentionally in finances, ministry, and family relationships are an inspiration. Thanks, Lisa.

Love, Jeanne

Mary E. DeMuth

Love the pic, Leese. Funny, on my to do list today was to inquire about your project. Could you email me with the specifics again?


Christa Allan

I've sprayed that foam stuff and, you're right; it's neat to watch it fill up spaces...like industrial strength Cool Whip.

Keeping you and the pre-Dr.Samson in my prayers.


Lisa, I am a big fan of yours, thanks to Elysa! :) I have posted on your old site, but not in a looong time, so hello again! I'm glad you and Elysa had such a great visit!


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