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December 06, 2005


Jean Coggins

Dear Lisa,
I just finished reading this book. I found you to be an exceptional writer with an exceptional sense of humor. Which made me so disappointed, and yes, hurt, at the way you put down Independent Baptists who love the King James Bible that you refer to as "Only" nonsense. I was also impressed at the Bible knowledge that you have, and most of your Scriptures looked surprisingly KJV to me. I couldn't help but believe that you were raised in an Independent Baptist church, and had come to resent our "narrow" way of life. Whatever the reason, I want to ask you to please give us the same liberty to choose which Bible we will use and endorse. It is a shame for you to use your writing talent, that is also God-given, to offend those of us who have chosen to live a dedicated, separated life for the glory of God. I realize that each of us have been given a will and we can choose to live our own way or His way. Surely you don't endorse drinking, and other such ungodly living as being Christ-like. Nevertheless, I guess it sells books to other like-minded people who enjoy trampling underfoot the things we hold precious to our heart. If you are wondering why I kept reading the book, well, I kept telling myself that you were probably one of those who, finally, through conviction of the Holy Spirit, came to see the truth and that the book would end with a message of the healing of a bitter woman who had "left the old paths" and now wanted to live a dedicated, surrendered life unto the Lord. (I can hope, can't I?)
Love in Christ,


This book has messed with me. I find I am dying to sympathize with Ivy, yet understand a little of Rusty too. I have wanted to travel and sing my whole life. Yet, I have a husband, a son and an ailing Mother-in-law. What happens if at some point that dream of singing full time comes true? I sure don't want my family to resent me if I go. It is what I have worked my whole life for. Yet, I do not want to abandon my family as they mean the world to me and I don't want to know life without them. The difference in me and Ivy? My husband would be Ivy and I would be Rusty! The roles would be reversed. It scares me that this book could become my reality and I PRAY that God spares me from that kind od pain. Yet, is it possible to have the best of both worlds?

GREAT BOOK!!! Really opened my eyes!


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